September 11, 2009

9-11 redux

Two years ago a the world famous Paula of Sammie's Surf Report ran a series of pieces written by people about where they were on 9-11 and what insights about the event time has given them. Thought I would post a link to my contribution since I am thinking about that fateful day and find that my insights haven't changed much.
Hope this finds you safe and well.
If you miss Paula as I do, you can find her blogging still from her base in DC.


At 10:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I wondered what happened to Paula. I was doing some research on LGBT community in OBX for someone and couldn't figure out what happened to her blog.
Thanks for the link.

Like your photo of Jennette's Pier photos. In a former life, I worked in HR and Communications for a national geotechnical design/construct company,, did geotechnical work on the Hattaras Lighthouse move. Haven't checked their site lately to see if the lighthouse article/photos are still available.

I moved from blogger to about 18 months ago. Love it. I'm working on a site now using software installed on monthly host server. Read all about the great themes, templates and plug-ins available. Ouch. I should have stayed with the freebie. Too much php and ftp and css. I've spent time and money in installing the goodies and still not able to get them to work. Now I wish I would have talked earlier to Susan at She provides (for a fee) really cool content management software with a blog and more.



I was in Washington,DC on 9/11 - watching it online as it unfolded. Scary and transfixed.


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