May 11, 2007

The Making of Mayberry on the Outer Banks - New York Times

A very nice piece on Manteo in the New York Times. Mayor Wilson is featured prominently, as well he should be.

John Wilson, a ninth-generation Roanoke Islander, has been focused on Manteo’s revitalization since 1979, when he began a successful campaign for mayor at age 27. When Mr. Wilson took office, the five-square-block downtown held a diverse cast of multigenerational families who waved from the oak-shaded porches, net-strewn fishermen’s cottages, brick bungalows and Victorian mansions. But the waterfront was pocked with closed businesses.

I am not a big fan of Manteo politics, this tail wags the dog just a little too often but I give them every credit for implementing a long term vision for their community. Of course the $XX million dollars the state has poured into Festival Park and the Roanoke Corridor have played a role but both of those came after the first Manteo visioning experience.
Kudos, Mayor Wilson(John), Lee, Kermit, The compliments from the the NYT are honestly earned.
Disclaimmer: Many years ago I recommended the Town of Manteo hire Kermit Skinner as Town Planner . I take responsibility for that action but the fact that he is still there is their fault.

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