May 7, 2007

A Windy Day in May

A northeaster blew up the coast last night and should hang around through tonight. These photos and a larger set posted at Images from the Ridge were taken between 10:30 a.m. (Soundside) and noon (south Nags Head)on Monday May 7th.

Sea foam was washing over at Conch St. (Brew Thru in front of Jockeys Ridge). There was ocean overwash across Hwy. 1243 in south Nags Head. If you ride down that way be careful. This is not something you want to drive through. You can go around the overwash site using the service road. That's not always the case but it is here.

As of 2:00 p.m. Dare County reported:
Portion of Highway 12 on Hatteras Island Closed to Traffic Highway 12 north of Rodanthe is closed to all traffic due to water and sand on the road.
Check the county website for updates on the status of Hwy 12.

As much as the ocean was up the sound was blown out. I took the trail from the Nags Head park on Barnes St. through Nags Head Woods to the sound. This is a great walk for a windy day since the trees block nearly all the wind. The sound was exposed about 50 yards out, not the farthest I've ever seen but pretty far out. Another great location to see this effect is at the end of Soundside Rd., just south of Jockeys Ridge or at the state park's soundside access itself.
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