May 7, 2007

Random Thoughts

Started this post this morning but it got blown away. Just some items of interest over the last few days
  • Get ready for Sail Virginia 2007. Tall ships, small ships, all variety of wooden ships will converge on Norfolk June 7-11. The Silver Chalice from Manteo (Elizabeth II' s little sister) will be part of the event.
  • I have been using Google Docs recently as a substitute for creating documents in MS Office then circulating them via e-mail. The interface is pretty simple, the results look like any other document, and opportunity for shared editing in unsurpassed. This is a great tool for anyone who wants to work on reports, letters, spreadsheets with in a cooperative environment.
  • From the Coastland Times - Dare Health and Hospice will have "Memory Walk" Sunday, June 3rd from 2-5pm. It will be at a beach access in Nags Head. You can make a donation and have a memory flag placed on the walk route. The proceeds support the excellent work of Dare Hospice in the county. Having seen the role of hospice in my mother's final days, I now realize just how important this work is. Great cause. For info contact Fran Veihmeyer 475-5028.
  • The devastation caused by the Greenburg Kansas tornado is staggering. The storm was over a mile wide with winds over 200 mph. Pictures show that virtually no structures survived. These folks had about 10 minutes warning before their town was obliterated. The most amazing thing is that only 9 people died. While this is 9 too many, it is a remarkably small number considering this was a town of 1,800. Thoughts and prayers to all.
  • The Va. Pilot had two articles in the Monday tech section a piece on Flickr and one on Picasa. I use both and love both The reviews really don't do either justice. They miss what I see as the benefit of each. Flickr is not just a photo sharing and printing web site, it is a community with a group interested in just about everything photographic and a lot that isn't. I asked the group that uses the same camera I do for birthday gift suggestions and got some good ones. Picasa is the best simple photo cataloging and editing software available. It puts everything else to shame. If you want a simple way to crop and fix your favorite photos then print them and share them on the web get Picasa, you won't regret it.


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