May 10, 2007

Today Show - Hate junk mail? Follow these steps

The Today Show had an excellent piece on stopping unwanted mail. They laid out the reason for concern quite concisely.
The less access you provide to your name and address, the more secure you will be. Each year, more than three million Americans discover that false credit accounts have been opened in their name. Of these, at least 400,000 can be attributed to the theft of incoming mail."

The web link includes both a video of the original piece plus the all important addresses, websites and phone numbers you can use to limit the amount of unsolicited mail you recieve. I have worked for the Post Office for nearly 30 years and I have never heard of some of these options. Even if you like catalogs, my wife is a catalog queen, you may want to limit credit card solicitations or stop some specific catalogs or mailings. Methods for both are detailed in the article.
Note to self: Postage rates go up on Monday. Buy two cent stamps. First Class letter is 41 cents. You can see a summary of the prices at the USPS website or download the .pdf file


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