June 28, 2007

Percussion Please!!

Here's the short version - Go to Festival Park and take in some of the programs put on by the NC School of the Arts you won't regret it.

Some scenes from the Thursday night performance at Festival Park. The very talented percussion ensemble from the NC School of the Arts put on a great show. They opened with an African welcome song played on traditional instruments. The show included Classical, jazz, Caribbean and Latin tunes.
My favorite was a piece entitles "Reflections on a Japanese Wood Cut" It was a Jazz/Classical piece that was wonderful. The instrumentation included xylophone, vibraphone, all nature of gongs, conga, kettle and traditional African drums,
If you bang on it with a stick, hit it with a mallet or smack it with your hand these guys probably had one.

The crowd of around 200 was very attentive and appreciative. The only distraction was some young children who might have been better served by being in bed. The ones who ran around in front of the stage didn't bother me but the few who demanded attention loudly raised a some hackles (OK one member of the audience did suggest that a couple of the parents be neutered but that was a little extreme).

All in all a great experience. The same show goes on Friday night at 8 pm. There was lots of parking. Bring your beach chair or a blanket, a cooler with your favorite beverage, maybe some cheese and crackers or slice fruit whatever suits your picnic fancy. You won't regret it.
A different program kicks off next week so you can go at least once a week throughout the summer and see a different show. The schedule is available at the Festival Park web site. Oh yeah I forgot one important note - Its FREE. Thats right no charge. The students are here on a summer program and they perform as part of their state sponsored arts education. You can make a donation to support the program (I dropped a couple of bucks per person in the jar) but their is no admission.
Boy what a day. I went to Roanoke Island twice in one day and had a great time both times. Who knew!!


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