August 16, 2007


Sammy the Surf Dog wrote to ask if I would provide the surf report for a couple of days so here goes. There is no surf on the beaches of Wellfleet Ma. on The eastern end of Cape Cod. OOPS.
It seems that Sammy has taken his battle with the Piping Plovers at Oregon Inlet directly to Barney (not not the 8 foot purple dinosaur but W's dog in DC) He needs someone do the surf report for the Outer Banks and requested that I provide the info. Normally this would be great as they say ...when the dog's away... I am off visiting other beaches investigating their erosion needs and nourishment plans (as well as my sister). I had discreetly not mentioned that in this forum since it's not really any of your business but since Sammy asked so nicely I felt duty bound to share this with him.
The ocean off Cape Cod is flat, cold (60 degrees) and full of sea weed. The ocean in Hags Head should be warmer, from the web cam at the pier it doesn't look like there is any more surf there than here.
Sorry Sammy, good luck with the birds and tell Barney we know he won't miss that mean Mr. Rove.


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