November 18, 2007

Welcome Back Jack

After 40 years of wandering in the wilderness, the lost tribe of SoNag has returned to claim there rightful place near (but not actually on) the beach. Uncle Jack is back. Maybe it only seemed like 40 years since Jack Sandberg let us know what the sunrise looked like from the beach at James St. , still it has been too long. Writers of Jack's quality are few and far between. Yes, he does have the advantage of a high school education and once labored as a college professor (it that work can be called labor) but we shouldn't hold either of those things against him. He remains the best writer frequenting the local blogosphere, press and local journals (sorry Manny) His observations are wry, concise and considered. Yes, we differ on the wisdom of piling large amounts of his money on the beach to watch it wash away. I have learned there are others with this view so I can't fault Jack for his stand. The only really bad thing that Jack has done is to put a lot of men in Lynchburg [Pop.361], Tennessee out of work, in his defense he has balanced this by supporting the economy of the state of California (more particularly the Napa Valley). No one, not even Jack is without their faults.
It is good to know that I can now enjoy my morning coffee with my morning dose of Jack. I can only wish that this will continue as long as there are beaches in SoNag (well maybe a litle longer than that).
Welcome back Jack, and thanks


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