February 27, 2008

Bill Cunningham supports Mccain. so I won't

National radio host Bill Cunningham warmed up a crowd for John Mccain yesterday. If he represents approach of the Mccain campaign on Sen. Obama it will be a long summer. See what you think.

The blog Crooks and Liars covered this event very well. Here is a selection that mirrors how I see it.
John may be rethinking his position on sucking up to the right wing talk show hosts after today. Walkie-Talkie, Bill “teachers should beat students Cunningham went into a typical wingnut rant against Barack Obama as he warmed up the crowd at a Cincinnati/McCain event. He used the Coulter method on Obama (middle name emphasis) as a start. After McCain finished speaking—he found out how whacked out Cunningham was and repudiated him. One has to wonder if McCain really is unhappy about it though…

I don't know who the Democratic nominee will be though certainly Obama looks like he is very close . In any event Sen. Mccain has to find a way to move to the middle (some say stay in the middle) while maintining contact with his right wing. That right wing loves the Bill Cunninghams of the world. Its not a problem I would like to have.

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