February 26, 2008

Who wasn't there

I spent some of this morning listening to the committee involved in the negotiated rulemaking process for ORVs in Cape Hatteras National Seashore. There was a point made about how many members and alternates weren't there. A total of 20% (12 or 60) of the reps didn't make the meeting. The full list is available on the NPS website (if you look hard enough)

The point was made that this did not make for good continuity, It didn't demonstrate commitment to the process or help build confidence and cooperation.

Here are the name plates that had not been picked up at 10 am. These members may have come later, they probably had good reasons not to be there. I told some people I would provide the list so here it is. It was taken from the photograph above, in no particular order. Lead members are listed in bold

Leslie Jones NRDC & The Wilderness Society

Andrew Hawley Defenders of Wildlife

Ricky Davis Hyde County

David Allen NC Wildlife Resources Commission

Stephan Kayota Hatteras Island Homeowners Coalition

Michelle Nowlin SELC

Matt Nuzzo Water Sports Industry Association

Sam Pearsall TNC

David Rabon US Fish and Wildlife Service

Jeffery Wells Hatteras Landing Homeowners Associationis Cape Hatteras Bird Club

Renee Cahoon OBVB

Eugene Balance Hyde County


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