March 4, 2008

N&O Jones: Not interested in ACLU's thoughts

From Under the Dome, the latest bizarre Walter Jones story. Its not enough that Ron Paul is helping his fund raising, now the ACLU apparently thinks they can shift him away from the Republican caucus. The ACLU is running ads urging Jones to vote with Democrats on a telcom bill that would not grant immunity to phone companies who have previously violated privacy Jones isn't interested. Here is what he says about the ACLU
"'They’re ads are wrong and need to be stopped,' Jones said. 'While the ACLU is playing politics, the threat of terrorism is very real and must be addressed.'

His primary opponent, Joe McLaughlin, claims the ACLU ad is designed to help Jones.

'Obviously all of Walter Jones work on behalf of the 'Blame America First' crowd is paying off as the ultra-left continues to pour money into our district to support their new found friend,' McLaughlin said."
This primary is going to be great fun.
Here is the latest on Jone's results from the Ron Paul fund raising email. I found some interesting numbers on fundraising for this campaign as well. Both Republicans have raised good money. Adame is lagging way behind. Jone's seat is labeled as a "safe" Republican seat so there is no effort to bring national money to bear on the race. Too bad.


At 6:35 AM, Blogger bradford said...

Marshall has strong support down here along the central coast. Money begets money. Contributions in the district can be leveraged to increase national recognition and support. I'm his press guy...Check out his website at


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