May 11, 2008

NYT - The Upside of Being Knocked Around - Barack Obama

Interesting Sunday reading in the New York Times making the case that the Clinton OBama primary battle has served the winner well (yes I said the winner, Hillary's emails have really slacked off).
"But there is a competing view that says that Mrs. Clinton, rather than being a spoiler, has in fact been an unwitting mentor to Mr. Obama, a teaching adversary who made him better. Could competing against Mrs. Clinton have improved Mr. Obama as a candidate in the same way that competing against Larry Bird and Magic Johnson in the 1980s made Isiah Thomas and Michael Jordan champions in the 1990s?"

I like the points that MARK LEIBOVICH makes. The experience of extended campaigning has made Barack Obama grow into a much tougher campaigner. The debate experience, the honing of message and just having to respond everyday to tough questions and challenges has to help.
Enjoy it


At 6:28 PM, Blogger Monticello said...

I agree, which is what will make Limbaugh's Operation Chaos essentially backfire on him. He backed the wrong horse (Hillary) and made the one who was actually more beatable the stronger candidate. And, all the cool stuff McCain could have trotted out, like Rev. Wright, is now old news.


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