April 17, 2008

ORV Congrats Derb Carter you won

The ORV law suit has been settled. All the parties have accepted the settlement, though it is not clear just how happy the intervenors (Dare and Hyde County and some ORV groups). You can read the consent decrees and see some maps at the Island Free Press. The Va. Pilot has a story as well.
It looks like a loss of access to some parts of Oregon Inlet, Cape Point and Ocracoke Inlet, especially if piping plover chicks hatch. One good provision is a deadline for the negotiated rulemaking process. Monicell0 at OBR has some highlights.
I don't have enough info to explain what this will mean in real terms. There is no permitting system nor is there an absolute limit on the number of vehicles. Both elements identified by Judge Boyle as important. When it becomes clear just what the limits are I will point you there.

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