December 19, 2008

Coastal Hazards: The inlets are coming

Found a new site on coastal hazards led or at least featuring an old friend. The NC Coast Hazards Portal is a web site produce by members of the Geololgy Dept. at ECU including the venerable Dr. Stan Riggs. The site has some interesting features and reports. It leads with this video of Izzy Inlet formed during Hurricane Isabel in 2003. The video is the lead in to a new report the on the future of coastal inlet formation.
As you might expect of the product of a Geology Dept. the report deals in geologic time predicting the future of the Outer Banks 100 years from now. Lets just say my house isn't on the map 100 years from now. There is no sense in raging about the report. I'm not qualified to judge the science but then neither are the 100's of people who will use it to try to make me move.
It is no secret that sea level is rising. How much is a matter of some debate. The effect of global warming will make living in coastal regions more challenging. This report will be used to by those who assume the only response is retreat, to emphasize the futility of efforts to manage the change. This even as the lead video shows an inlet that was managed in a way that has made Hatteras Island a viable home again.

Take some time to read through the report, know the info but don't move just yet.

When I get a chance to explore the rest of the site I'll report further. It looks interesting.
----Saw this piece in the N&O. Todd Miller only wants fairness in the enforcement of environmental regulations - yeah and Rev. Wright is just trying to save souls!. Here is an example of Todd's wish list for Gov. Purdue.
2. Appoint good commissioners who don't undercut environmental agencies. The litmus test for any appointments to regulatory commissions should be a pledge that they work on behalf of the public's interest and the state's environment and never to return political favors or promote private agendas.

I wonder if that includes Todd's private agenda to drive every living soul from the coast.
My wish is that Todd and the Coastal Federation learn to work constructively with local governments to improve coastal development rather than being confrontational and build CF's donation base.
As the Cowardly Lion said: "I do believe in Spooks, I do, I do"


At 9:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are pretty harsh words, Mr. Muller. Where's the beef?
Kindly give us facts that support your claim that Todd has a... "private agenda to drive every living soul from the coast..."

A Coastal Federation Member


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