May 24, 2009

Sen Basnight fights malady

When Senate President Pro Tem Marc Basnight spoke at the groundbreaking for Jennette's Pier last Friday I was struck by his slow and heavily accented speech. I don't see Marc a lot so it was a real surprise and something of a mystery. It reminded me of the speaking style of a person with multiple sclerosis (MS). Well I guess I wasn't the only one wondering. Today.s News and Observer reports that Basnight is in fact fighting a degenerative nerve disorder.

The speculation of doom is wrong, but Basnight does have a degenerative nerve disease. It is a rare disorder with no name, said his neurologist, Dr. Souvik Sen, who is also director of UNC-Chapel Hill medical school's Stroke Center. Basnight's nerve cells that control balance, walking and speaking are slowly dying.

The article says the disease should not be fatal in the short run but that eventually it will change the Senator's lifestyle.
No matter what you think of Marc's political views you have to feel for the man who recently lost his wife to cancer and had his primary business burned to the groun
I wish Marc only the best and I hope he is able to continue serving us in the Legislature for a long time to come.
PS. Don't read the comments from the N&O readers. It is typical anonymous sleaze. Really ugly stuff.


At 4:25 PM, Blogger Russ said...

Shocking. All of our thoughts should be with him, and with the hope they can identify and perhaps treat the disease. And you a right, the stuff in the N&O is ugly. I believe in free speech, but the paper should remove those comments.

Thanks for the update.


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