June 22, 2009

Just Say No (to Offshore Drilling)

Local opposition to offshore drilling is beginning to get organized. The local chapter of the Surfrider Foundation is circulating 2 online petitions. Both state the signers opposition to renewed offshore oil drilling. I am glad to see someone is getting started on this issue.
I have stated my view, on this site, that offshore drilling is worse than useless on many occasions. The amount of oil and gas available is small part of our national addiction and funds spent on drilling would be better spent moving us away from oil all together. Further the environmental risks from drilling in our offshore waters far out weigh any minor gains. It is just bad policy.
I signed the petition and I hope you will.

We should all remember that it was a local group, LegaSea, that led the opposition to Mobil Oil the last time this issue came around. LegaSea's actions led to state findings that blocked Mobil's permits and eventually contributed to the moratorium on offshore drilling that is only now being rolled back. Find an synopsis of the effort here

Action like this can contribute to sound policy but only if enough people express their opinion. Sing the petition NOW - not later then text and email your freinds to do the same.


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