July 2, 2009

Nags Head July 4th Fireworks

Nags Head July 4th Fireworks originally uploaded by BOBXNC

It's that time again. Here is a list of the time and place of fireworks demonstrations around the area:
July 4th Fireworks Summary:
1) Corolla = Currituck Heritage Park at dusk
2) Kill Devil Hills = Avalon Pier (Mile Post 6) at dusk
3) Nags Head = Nags Head Fishing Pier (Mile Post 11.5) at 9:25 pm
4) Roanoke Island = Festival Park at 9:20 pm
5) Avon = Avon Fishing Pier at 9:15 pm
6) Hatteras Village = Ramp 55 at 8:30 pm.
7) Ocracoke Village = Dusk

Perhaps more interesting is how quiet Nags Head has been this summer. In years past illegal fireworks were set off every night, often late into the night. The rental industry and local governments have been working to discourage the practice and have apparently been effective.

I am sure that on Sat. night there will be plenty of unauthorized displays on the beach, but this has become the exception rather than the rule.

Nice piece on the Ocracoke Island Blog explaining the genesis and the importance of the fireworks ban on that precious island. Nags Head's new fireworks rules are posted on the town web site. They mirror earlier bans by Dare County and Duck.
Have a great 4th and please be safe.


At 9:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a co-owner of one of the heritage homes on the beachfront in Nags Head, I am more than happy that firework bans are in place.

I was at the beach as a small child the year when a home burned down at MP 13, I stood at the end of our driveway and watched it burn, took about 20 minutes to be reduced to a concrete pad.

People don't realize that despite the humidity on the beachfront, many of the homes there are made of wood that has gotten very dried out over the years, and a small spark would send a cottage up in moments. And some renters have no concept of on shore and off shore winds, and will set off fireworks when the wind could blow sparks straight onto the houses behind them.

Bottom line for me, no fireworks on the beach by renters, it's just not safe.


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