October 6, 2009

ORV The battle continues. How Lying liars lie.

I have not been writing much about the debate over beach driving rules lately. The matter is now in the hands of the National Park Service and we will see a draft of the new rules soon. Unfortunately others have not been so lucky. There are those on both sides of the debate who seem to live to keep the debate going. The environmental groups that engage in this activity do so because it promotes their primary goal - raising money to continue their operations. For the opponents the motives are less clear, some fight because they can't accept the defeats they have suufered and some simply like the limelight.
An editorial in the Outer Banks Sentinel highlighted the hijinks on both sides. It is recommended reading. It debunks the enviromentalists claims that the beach closures have been good for tourism and chastises their foes for just generally acting ugly. Just how ugly this whole thing has gotten is memorialized in an excellent post by Russ on the Outer Banks Journal. He details an exchange with the fringe supporters of beach access that should be used as a lesson in how NOT to win supporters to your side.
Neither post paints a pretty picture so I won't post one either. However if you want to see some photos from Ocracoke that will remind you of why people get so passionate about the area take a look at this slideshow.


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