March 18, 2010

Who's fleecing who?

For what it's worth I sent the following comment to NC Nightly News about this segment on the Fleecing of America

You opened with and ended with scenes of communities fighting flood risk. One seemed heroic and one horrific. You piece on the raging rivers in Fargo focused on a plan to divert the Red River. You failed to mention the cost of that project is the hundreds of millions of dollars. It would protect an area that has seen repeated flood damage and claims under flood insurance. Bravo for the people of Fargo, they are fighting the flood waters.
Lets look at a different community, coastal North Carolina. These communities are also threatened by flooding, flooding by hurricanes. Flooding the threatens the homes and businesses of just as Fargo is threatened. These communities didn't have a flood last year or the year before that but they are trying to prepare themselves in advance of the flood.
What I don't understand is why Kure Beach is fleecing America while Fargo is not. Both communities are trying to deal with floods. In both communities the projects protect value far beyond their cost. Yes the nourishment projects will need additional sand to maintain them, just as Fargo's levees will need to be maintained. The only difference is that nourishment projects will also provide a recreational amenity for the largest industry in America – tourism. How is building economic infrastructure and storm damage protection a bad thing. It may be good television but its bad journalism.
Finally lets look at New Orleans. The Nightly News broadcast has trumpeted the federally funded recovery of a great American city. This is a great story but it begs the question if we rebuild a city that is built BELOW SEA LEVEL and spend billions protecting it from flooding, why shouldn't a town in coastal North Carolina receive the same benefits. Maybe one day you will explain the difference.



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At 9:03 PM, Blogger EOD said...

Beach nourishment does not even have majority support, for economic or environmental reasons, right here in Dare County, so why worry about national opinion.

When are the local proponents going to poll our citizens about(1)whether they think bn is economically feasible in the context of whether this county can afford to fund it; and,(2)whether they think it will stay on the beach as long as proponents believe.
We know what the business community and investors want; but let's get a poll on what the grassroots silent majority wants concerning this issue.
Didn't the fact that our county officials never once held a public forum on this issue tell us enough?

At 4:40 PM, Anonymous Jake said...

Why not accept this fact: All three projects are stupid wastes of money. We're educated, we have scientists, and we're supposed to know better.

People should not live below sea level and expect everyone to bail them out for their stupidity. Nor on the banks of a river that floods so often. Nor on a shoreline like that in SNH.

I think the thing to keep in mind is why do we want to be just another community adding to the national idiot epidemic?

Let's make a stand and be one of the SMART ones and start getting our assets off those sand spits.

Maybe then New Orleans and Fargo can learn from us, instead of us jumping on their bandwagon yelling "Hey look at us, we're fools too!"


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