November 17, 2009

Storm sprouts new blog finds

One of the unexpected consequences of extraordinary events like the November nor'easter is new news sources.  Following the storm and finding images led me to two blogs originating on Hatteras Island.  One is by respected photographer Michael Halminski, the other by surf shop owner Drew.
Check them both out.  Great photos and insight into Hatteras Island.
The Pursuit of Paradise
Michael Halminski Photography

Both highly recommended.


At 10:49 AM, Blogger Kill Devil Rum said...

Bob, from time to time I check out your blog, and I enjoy your writings. When I saw Halminski's link, I believe an education is needed. And before I get into my issue, visit for excellent storm photos.

Way back on May 22, 2008, you posted “OB Sentinel EMC says Rules what Rules”. You eloquently summarized the unjust situation involving the HI development and the State playing by the rules and later both being sued by the North Carolina Coastal Federation and the Southern Environmental Law Center for not complying with new proposed standards. I followed this case closely and after the case went to Superior Court, the ruling of the EMC was overturned in the State’s and the developments favor. The case was later dismissed.

The point is before Southern Environmental Law Center got involved in the off-road driving issue, the replacement of the Oregon Inlet Bridge, and all the other issues that threaten to change the lives of Outer Bankers, they got involved in the lawsuit described in your blog. With this lawsuit, SELC was first invited into our community by the North Carolina Coastal Federation. The lawsuit described in your blog was initiated by a NCCF member, Mr. Mike Halminski. He is listed as the complaining party in the lawsuit by NCCF. His beef was that water travelled out of the entrance of the proposed development, into the ditch along HWY 12, through clogged and collapsed culverts, past high density developments, travelled up hill, and after travelling nearly a mile entered a culvert, and then into the waters behind his house. After the alleged water “travelled" all this way, he argued that it contaminated his pet oysters. Mike was the spark that initiated the SELC lawsuit. Without Mike and his story the lawsuit would have not been able to go further. Although the case was later dismissed, the issue that cannot be dismissed is the damage done by Halminski and NCCF, inviting and welcoming the Southern Environmental Law Center and Derb Carter onto our island and our community.

In your blog you described the lawsuit as “NOT FAIR and really NOT SMART for the future of our communities.” NCCF and Mike made a decision that was not fair and not smart for the future of our community and we are paying dearly. People that are pro-environment are now jaded by these lawsuits and the radical actions of NCCF, SELC and people like Mike. Now, many have adopted an us against them mentality as the NCCF and SELC have done limiting rational decision making.

I am sorry to be so long, and thank you for the opportunity to post on your blog.

At 12:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, Kill Devil Rum...and Adam (Eve's counterpart) is responsible for every sin I commtted yesterday and the day before.


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