November 18, 2009

Serendidipity must go.

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The Island Free Press is reporting that Serendipity, the iconic house from the movie Nights in Rodanthe, must be moved or demolished.  This may begin to answer the question I posed in  this blog post about what position the County will take on homes that now sit in the ocean.  Read the article for a sense of the personal loss and bureaucratic problems associated with condemning the home.
Sturza says the county will “light a fuse,” to get the process going, but that several agencies are involved in the final solution.

“We just think it’s time,” Sturza said.

Serendipity’s septic tank and drainfield have been destroyed or damaged in several recent storms, including this week’s. Under current Coastal Area Management Act laws, an owner gets one exemption to replace it.

Sturza thinks Serendipity’s owners have had that chance.

He says a bigger issue is whether the house is still on private property or whether the beach has eroded so much that it is now in the intertidal zone -- state public trust waters.

The story continues.


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Just found your blog. Very, very well done. Miss the OB but the mountains are great too!

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