October 30, 2009

Nags Head and SS elections - endorsements and more

Let's get this straight up front.  I am Treasurer of the Committee to Elect Bob Oakes.  I have been working on his campaign since he decided to run.  I am definitely not a disinterested bystander but then I am not sure that I would be in any Nags Head election.
I support Bob because he is the best candidate to get Nags Head focus on deciding what is wants to be in 20 years then moving us towards that future.  Towns are a lot like rivers.  They have a lot of activity but don't change course very often.  Only consistent effort over long periods of time dictates where they end up.   Nags Head needs to refocus on specific elements of vision and then start to implement them, not just in zoning code but it political and social dialog action.  Nags Head didn't get The Village at Nags Head, the Outer Banks Hospital or the Nags Head Elementary school by passing rules.  It got them because boards under three different mayors made phone calls, held meetings and solve problems to get these community assets located in the Town.  The current board has lost that drive and focus.  I believe that Bob Oakes is better equipped than his opponent to achieve that. 
I am not alone feeling this way.  Take a look at what Russ Lay has to say about his choice in the Nags Head Mayor's race.  I know Bob appreciates the support of the Outer Banks preeminent blogger.
If you want to learn more about Bob Oake's stands then visit oakesformayor,net, our campaign website.

The local blogosphere has really heated up over the race in Southern Shores.   Former Mayor and my good friend Hal Denny is running againgst incumbent Mayor Don Smith.   This blog has not been kind to Don Smith over the years but I won' relive those battles.  I will suggest that you visit 3 blogs with great insight into the races.
Eye on Dare has a good piece that sets the stage for the race.
Dave Sander's Southern Shores Times has several pieces about the relationship between Mayor Smith and the SS Volunteer Fire Dept.  My guess is he doesn't support Smith.  You read it and see what you think.
What was initially a cake walk for incumbent Brian MacDonald has become a bit more heated as long time SS volunteer George Kowalski has mounted a write in campaign.  Kowalski has a blog that details his reasons.  It makes for interesting reading.

I strongly urge Southern Shores voters to support Hall Denny.  He was and will be an excellent Mayor.

Take a look at these sites if you live in Nags Head or Southern Shores and then, whatever town you live in, get out and vote on Tues.


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