August 26, 2007

Shelter from the storm

For some time I have maintained a page of links to information on hurricanes. I have not updated it in a while but most of the links are still good. The National Hurricane Center provides the basic info and forecast with good graphics but there is a lot more available.
Probably my favorite site is the Quick Hurricane Reference site. This wonderful site uses a left side frame to offer multiple sources for advisories, updates and images that show up in the center/right side frame. Very well done and great for trying multiple sites during busy times. This source is part of a larger Caribean weather site with local hurricane watchers. Check it out. The site gets real time posts from the islands as storms approach, hit and pass over. We need something like this in NC.
The quick reference page also includes links to the forecast models used by the meteorologists to forecast storm tracks. None of these models do a consistent job of predicting tracks but when the all agree you can have a good idea where the storm is headed.
The page also contains the U. of Hawaii hurricane tracking map which shows the tracks of all the active systems in the Atlantic and Caribbean basin.
The page also contains links to a couple of really amazing sites that contain virtually any possible thing you might want to know.
The Atlantic Tropical Weather Center has links to satellite imagery, radar, ocean conditions etc.
The Golden Triangle Weather page has maps and radar links galore. You could spend days exploring either of these site.

You have know of other useful sites send them on in a comment and I may add them to my page


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