September 11, 2007

9-11 Reflections

This is a good day to be with friends. Paula and Sammy invited me to join some of their friends as we all remember that terrible day. Please join us and check the recent posts section to find all the 9-11 remembrances. You won't regret it.


At 4:08 PM, Blogger starco1 said...

As I drove about our community yesterday I couldn't help notice the absence of American flags or any type of remembrance of the day so many of us will never forget. I do not know if it is the disagreement with the war or with the current administration. I only know that I get tears in my eyes every time I think of the innocent victims who only got up and went to work that day and were killed by a radical group that has no respect for life. I was angered then and I am just as angered now. As a tribute to the victims and to the horrible thing that was done to our country I made sure flags were flying at my home and at my place of business as is done every day. I remember President Bush assuring us that the war on terror would take a long time and we should not look for immediate results but we will win it. I believed him then and I believe him now. I am not in agreement of the way the war has been fought but I do know that it should not be fought by the media looking for ratings or by Congress trying to score political points. But as I started out trying to say is do we have such a short memory that we forgot the feeling of patriotism we all shared 6 years ago? I hope not because history might repeat itself if we are not vigilant and come together to support our military, our leaders (on both sides of the isle) and democracy. In the meantime just the little effort of flying an American Flag on such a someber day is little to ask

At 1:30 PM, Blogger xha said...

Being in a forgin country at that time with folks from Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Guatamala, Hondorus, Peru, and Brazil, everyone was in aggreement that was a extremely terrible event and their hearts went out to those touched by this. On the other view: they were in aggreement that ,"Gosh, maybe the U.S. has become a bit big for it's britches". Many of these countries have felt the "influence" of the U.S. and the first hand meddeling accounts were a bit starteling to me. It was very interesting.
I recall J.F.K. death where some in the South cheered.....Hummmm makes one wonder.


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