September 7, 2007

Post 301 - Friends and our virtual community

I noticed that VFtR has 300 posts. This is 301. I missed the 2 year anniversary back in July so this will have to pass as celebration.
What better topic than friends. Through this medium I have met any number of really interesting people. Wonderful people and wonderful dogs. I was relieved to learn that Sammy the Surf Dog, bane of piping plovers, protector of the Twin Princessi, and friend to all surfer dudes and dudetts (especially Paula) should recover fully.
This has been a bad summer for dogs. First Kevin's longtime companion Marley got fitted with the dreaded cone, then we had that whole Michael Vick tragedy (travesty) and now Sammy gets hit by a drunk driver, a fu***ng drunk driver. Shoot Him. I believe in capital punishment for drunk drivers who hit anyone including man and woman's best friend. Especially man and woman's best friend.
I haven't heard anything about Sammy's condition in the last couple of days. I expect that Sammy is resting at home tonight. I certainly hope so. I also hope he knows how much we love everyone in Sammyland. They are all special people. Special friends I met only because of the blogosphere.
This summer has been my summer of virtual identity. I have met and now communicate with people around the world through this blog and Flickr. There are people in Dubai who know more about my photography that you do. That's not a slur on you but a statement about the amazing world we live in.
Sammy, dude, your my hero. Get back on the blog. I'll spot for you. We miss you.
Now on to 302.


At 10:35 PM, Blogger Paula the Surf Mom said...

Yes Bob Sammy is home tonight and resting in his box on the upstairs deck... he doesn't look all that great... he has this metal fixture attached to this back leg... but he is home and will recover fully according to the doctor at the NCSU vet hospital.

At 3:39 PM, Blogger Kevin Schwartz said...

That's very sad. So sorry about Sammy. Thank God for NCSU vet school. Also, just heard from a friend in Greensboro whose 8-year-old choc lab died after eating moldy bread. Very sad as well. Not a good summer for dogs.


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