March 4, 2008

Maybe we aren't quite so bad....?

I have been seeing signs lately that perhaps the most of the Outer Banks is not quite as bad as some of our greatest detractors would have us believe. The first sign came from Uncle Jack, who wrote from Destin Fl.
It’s good for Uncle Jack and Mrs. U.J. to visit a more advanced seaside resort once in a while so they can be reminded of just how far the Outer Banks has to go before it reaches a state of utter ruination. They have been vacationing in the Destin-Fort Walton Beach area of the Florida panhandle this week and he can tell you it has been a sobering experience. The developers down here make ours look like a bunch of undercapitalized amateurs<
Jack goes on to detail a host of problems related to overdevelopment that make SoNag sound like the paradise it really is.
This story from the southern NC coast points out just how remarkable our program our beach access is. It is easy and more relevantly free to go to the beach in most parts of Dare County. That is not true in other parts of the state. Maybe Mayor Smith could reduce taxes in Southern Shores (AKA The Town That won't let Me Go To The Beach or TTTwlMGTTB for short) by installing meters, of course they might have to add more waiters.
The final straw in this story of success is pretty personal. I walk every day. Some days I walk for several hours. As I have grown older I find that I appreciate public comfort facilities more and more. This time of year its just too cold to jump in the coean for a little relief. It may not mean much to you that Nags Head has porta-johns at its major beach accesses in the off season and has restroom facilities available at almost every beach access all summer long but it has save me a lot of trouble. We don't think much about it (unless you live in TTTwlMGTTB where I hear they have installed pay toilets at the private access) but if you live or visit in other areas of the NC coast you might find our plethora of porta-johns propitious.
Note. All these stories and a lot more came from the Carteret County Shore Protection Office Beach News email newsletter. You can view it online or get your own subscription. Congrats to Rudi for the national recognition he picked up recently.


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