March 4, 2008

Rhetoric, why speeches matter.

Just got done watching John McCain painfully claim victory in the Republican race. His speech after his win in NH was painful. It seemed he couldn't grasp the words. He labored through tired words with no passion and even the audience, his strong supporters seemed relieved when he stopped.
His speech tonight was not as bad but when you contrast it with Obama or even George Bush it is inadequate. Bush and Obama found their voice long ago. They are different voices but they are clear. Each speaks with language and style that represents their persona. The political persona they have chosen. Bush is a Yale grad. He can pronounce "Nuclear" but it serves his purpose not to. Obama is a powerful speaker, he understands pace, rhythm and the use of symbols. His simple speeches are powerful stories that can inspire. When he exerts himself he will affect you. Its not just message but technique, technique John Mccain lacks or even avoids.
Maybe the strategy is a kind of "White men can't Jump" deal. McCain will just be so white that people underestimate him or set the bar so low that he fail. All I know that it is just painful to watch.
Play the Obama cut first. It shows the power of his presentation, the check out McCain.

Here is the first part of the NH speech. If you can stand it here is the second part.


At 11:39 AM, Blogger dufus said...

He's OLD!!!!


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