April 4, 2008

ORV Today is the day Derb Carter will win

I hope the rally on Wed night went well. As OBR suggests public pressure is not a useful tool in influencing judges rulings but it might get the attention of the US Attorney working on the case.
Today is the day for oral arguments in the request by the SELC for a preliminary injunction but the Island Free Press reports it may not happen. You can find some history and links to a lot more information in this ORV issue post
You get a sense that Dare County is trying to lower expectations about today's hearing when you read this OB Sentinel report of a meeting on Hatteras Island.
Bobby Outten, attorney for Dare County, told the audience at the Fessenden Center that the interim plan adequately controls beach driving while protecting shorebirds and other natural resources.
"But, the signals we are getting is that the judge is still attached to the presidential executive order," explained Outten.Outten said Dare County, as one of the interveners in the lawsuit, could appeal the court's decision on the temporary injunction, but that an appeal might take anywhere from six to 18 months.
"So even if we were to appeal a decision we didn't like, we clearly would be impacted this season and most likely next season," he said.
This is not a man who exudes confidence. I expect the message Dare County wants to send is that we are doing everything we can to stop this and we will continue to.
The Island Free Press is doing a great job of covering this event so check there for the latest newss then click through to a couple of local advertisers. It helps. Thanks to Irene for her good work.

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