April 1, 2008

Moving On - The Last Post

After over 2 years of off and on posting to this site I have decided to close it down and focus on my MySpace page. I have been posting on Myspace and making new friends there and it seems that no one cares about my former life as a the criminal mastermind of the conspiracy known as the Town of Nags Head. No one cares about ORV driving or ocean outfalls or (hush yo mouth) beach nourishment!!. Why no one even cares about anything except inviting me to virtual play!!.
So good bye faithful readers. It has been a gas. The next time you read my stuff it will be on April 2nd.


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At 5:34 PM, Blogger Ronnie Roach said...

Good one...

At 9:24 PM, Blogger Monticello said...

Got me 100% until the line, and I was planning on writing a AF post about how the Bush Adm had reversed itself and decided to fund beach nourishment in full. But mine would have paled in comparison to this one, so I left with my tail tucked between my legs.


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