May 12, 2008

ORV The Part Derb knew was coming - The Stoopid People

NPS now reports that vandals pulled up a set of signs marking the closure area in the Southbeach area. The NPS range got our of HIS SUV and checked this damage.
"During the investigation, two sets of footprints were found along the edge of the fence line that extended from the dunes to the waters edge. No footprints or tire tracks were observed entering the closed area which was established to protect a least tern colony; no birds appeared to have been disturbed during the act of vandalism. As prescribed in the court ordered Consent Decree, this closure violation resulted in a mandatory expansion of the closure area by 50 meters to the west."
This was so predictable that the E groups even planned for it. They included "punishments" for the public if the stoopid people played their stoopid games, which everyone knew they would. This is purely vindictive. As you read above no footprints, zero, nada, none were found inside the closure area so the birds or the place where the birds might want to be was never violated. Never the less we lose another 50 meters (170 ft give or take a metric mile) of beach. Imagine the outcry if this expansion had the same effect as the bird nest that cut off access to the Point.
The only question now is how many more times will this happen before people realize how counter-productive it is, even harmful. Dumb. dumb, dumb. Kids can't be kids anymore. What's more it may have been (read probably was) people, young people, who are not from the area, don't surf or fish and to whom the expansion will cause exactly no pain. Ouch!!


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At 2:15 PM, Blogger Monticello said...

Agreed and it was so predictable. On the other hand, can you make the English system of measurement the official system on your blog, as you did with English language.

At 2:33 PM, Blogger BOBXNC said...

That is a marvelous idea. The official measurement system, I could make, western swing the official music and the Ptolemaic model of the solar system as the official astronomical position of this blog.


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