March 14, 2008

Bill's OBX Beach Life: Windsurfing and the Price of Gas

If you want to see what blogging is about check out Bill's OBX Beach Life: Windsurfing and the Price of Gas. The sense of community and conversation is just stunning, as is the real time truth about the impact of gas prices on the OBX economy. Check out the entire dialog including comments. Here is a taste.
"At 9:12 AM, Anonymous ted said...

Kiting + civic = 35-40mpg, non hybrid. No need for a trailer when all my gear fits in the trunk, including my board! Only downside is that I cant park at any turnouts and I can barely put 1 tire on the side of the road without fear of getting stuck :)

At 9:13 AM, Anonymous Ted said...

...forgot to mention...LOVE the blog! Keep up the good work."
This blog is special in a lot of ways. It is really focused. It provides great content in very real time. The relevant content drives comments the participation and dialog. Besides,the video stuff just rocks. This is what blogging can do, content, community and conversation.
Thanks for the inspiration Bill, we are waiting for the next 360 video and the next challenging issue.
Note: All that stuff aside this video in tis post should be my theme song. Just one more thing that Bill does better than anyone.See the poll results and entire post here.


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