March 9, 2008

I like tongue

I was raised beef tongue, admittedly an acquired taste even in my mom's wonderful raisin sauce. Its a bit tough and hard to swallow but it does have taste and texture. I write this because I as much as I enjoy beef tongue I know how much it hurts when I bite my own tongue by mistake. I know this because I occasionally stick my tongue into my cheek, this makes me laugh and I have a bad habit of biting down when I laugh.
I wanted to write this piece but I knew that I would bite my tongue. Besides this way its more like beef tongue, good taste and texture.
Part 2
There is no public access to the Southern Shores canals that I can find. Public funds should not be used to dredge them.
My advice: Raise property taxes and use the additional occupancy taxes you steal from the other towns to pay for the project. On the other hand you could just let them fill in and lose the tax value and economic benefit. We all know the canals only benefit "rich canal front property owners" anyway. Why should we care?
Ouch that hurt.

Thanks Monty I owe you one.


At 11:08 PM, Blogger Ronnie Roach said...


I can't believe you ate beef tongue.

It will be interesting to see how the BeachHuggers will respond.


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