March 14, 2008


While we're on the topic of local blogs here is another one that has come to me. Got some comments from the bloggers then ran into one at a function recently. Short story long here is a great post about riding bikes on the OBX today. Written by 2 locals this site is a grown up look at some of the things that make the Outer Banks special and some of the problems that come with it. Not politics per se just observations
"But at a time when there are more reasons than fitness and racing for us all to be riding bikes, I find there are many incidents regularly occurring on the roads of our community which will eventually result in someone's death. I've witnessed and even been involved in several of these incidents myself.

I was hit by a car while crossing Limulus Street in South Nags Head and while riding on the 'bike path' in 2004: Contusions, concussion (even with a helmet), torn jersey, bent wheel rims, ambulance ride to emergency room.

I've had numerous drivers make vehicle maneuvers intended to provoke and intimidate a cyclist. I'm a builder here and I'm ashamed to say that almost without exception, virtually every one of these incidents was carried out by someone driving a pickup truck or van."
The piece goes on to talk about why some bikers shouldn't be riding on the path. As one of the people involved in the development of the early "multi-use paths" and someone who rides a beach cruiser on the path regularly I can only agree. I love the paths but they are not right for all riders. Even as a walker on the path I have experienced harassment from passing pick ups (always pick ups). Stupid stuff.
I am tempted to draw parallels between stupid drivers on the beach road and the stupid (criminally stupid) drivers on the beach (ORV issue) but I will leave you to enjoy the observations at KYScoast instead. You will have a much better time.


At 5:29 PM, Blogger KYScoast said...

Thanks for the kind plug Bob. Just for edification---I am the only author of KYScoast and its content also covers local surfing culture, lore, history and interviews having zero to do with competitive surfing and only meant to record the story of the people who live, work, and surf on the Outer Banks as this is long overdue.

I love reading your blog. Please keep it up. Skip


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