March 19, 2008

ORV Why Derb Carter May or May Not Win

Looking around the Island Free Press site I found
this background piece. It lays out the history of the ORV issue up to this fall when the SELC filed its lawsuit. There is lots on this blog about the now. Here is the before. Reading it it will help you figure out how we got to this point. It lays out a lot of history of the National Park Service not adopting ORV rules. It leads up to the tenure of the current Superintendent then makes the following observation:
"It does seem ironic that the superintendent who has done more in not quite two years to straighten out the Park Service’s previous legal oversights than his predecessors is the man who may have to oversee closing the seashore beaches to vehicles.

It’s a further irony that the events that could lead to a closure were set in motion not by a powerful and well-funded environmental organization, but by the actions of one irresponsible ORV driver.

He was fined $100, but the rest of us may pay more dearly if the beaches are closed to ORVs.

We should remember that the next time we are driving on the seashore’s beaches – assuming, of course, that we have that opportunity."

Read the background then decide how important access is to you. If you think it matters then start making some calls.
Note: The current situation and more background can be found in my last post on this topic

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